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Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
lady michelle obama, the clintons, oprah will all join world leaders for mandela's state funeral next sunday. this sunday will be a national day of prayer and reflection in south africa. tuesday will be the official public memorial. here in the u.s. the president did order flags to fly at half staff until sunday in honor of the former south african president. >>> the most visual outpouring of grief and celebration of his life is taking place outside mandela's home in a suburb of johannesburg. alphonso van marsh is there. >> reporter: people streamed down the streets toward nelson mandela's johannesburg home singing songs of praise, prayer and freedom. they gathered to pay tribute to the former south african president who died at 95 surrounded by family not far from here. this man says he's not mourning. >> i get to celebrate his life. we cry among our joy and laugh and remember the good. >> reporter: some gave speeches. while others led group prayers remembering the man who ushered in democracy for all of south africa's people. >> deep in our heart and minds and ears. >> reporter
Dec 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
president carter, clinton, and george w. bush led the american delegation during his eulogy. president obama called mandela quote, a giant, comparing him to lincoln, and mr. king. >> around the world today, men and world are still presence for their political beliefs and persecuted for who they love and who they worship. that's happening today. >> before they talked about mandela's legacy, president obama shook hands with raul castro whose nation has been an enemy. despite the politics, everyone here today came to honor, remember, and celebrate a man who united and inspired generations. nelson mandela's body will lie in state here for three days and then on sunday, the burial and final good-bye and a family plot in the small town of kunu. in south africa, derek mcginty, wusa9. >> that handshake between president obama and raul castro has upset cuban-american legislators who fear it will be used for propaganda purposes. it can be explained by the fact that fidel castro and nelson mandela have been close allies. cuba was one of the first countries mandela visited after his release from p
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
that infamous picture of bill clinton with mandela in 1998 when clinton went to visit mandela and mandela showed the president the jail cell where he spent 17 years under incarceration by the government. it was a total of 20 years in prison. in 2002 president george w. bush awarded mandela with a presidential medal of freedom and president obama met with mandela once back when he was a senator in 2005. so right now as we await for the president to speak about the passing of nelson mandela. >> i know it will be some heartfelt remarks from the president because when you think about it, it's this nation's first african american president offering sentiments about south africa's first black president, clearly tied together by their roles in history and connected a number of times in person, the obama family connecting with mandela's family in south africa. again you're looking right now outside of nelson mandela's home in johannesburg where people have gathered to remember, to reflect upon the life of the man they call madeva. he is the father of modern south africa, dead at 95. >> in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3